Group Offerings

Hughes and Salvidge

Hughes and Salvidge is one of the UK’s leading decommissioning and demolition companies, established in 1964, with a reputation for Health and Safety, Quality and Innovation. Specialising in industrial, chemical, oil, gas, nuclear and airport demolition, Hughes and Salvidge regularly complete projects alongside H&S Asbestos.

K&B Crushers

K&B Crushers offer a complete crushing and screening service. Crushing demolition arisings on-site offers a range of environmental, logistical and financial benefits. It reduces pollution by drastically minimising traffic movements to and from the site, keeps concrete debris out of landfill. The certified graded aggregate then provides a suitable material for use as sub bases for roads, pavements and for use as a piling mat.

H&S Metals

H&S Metals offer a professional scrap metal recycling service for almost any type of non-ferrous scrap metal such as; aluminium, copper, brass and stainless steel. H&S Metals also buy a range of scrap ferrous metals too including steel and iron. Recycling non-ferrous metals is good for industry and good for the environment.

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