H&S Asbestos are a fully licenced Asbestos Removal company based on the South Coast. We have been established since 2020, and our management team have over 50 years of industry experience.

We regularly undertake the removal of large amounts of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s), within multiple locations, on a wide range of different sites and environments. All licenced and non-licenced ACM’s we remove require extremely detailed planning, segregation from others, controlled and enclosed methods of removal, and notifications to the HSE and relevant authorities.

Licenced asbestos removal covers items such as spray coatings to beams, pipe insulation, boiler lagging and Asbestos Insulation Board. There are also a multitude of other non-licenced ACM’s we remove such as asbestos cement, vinyl floor tiles, gaskets, bitumen adhesives, mastic, composites, fuses and felts.


All notifiable/licensable asbestos materials are removed under fully controlled conditions. All other non-licenced asbestos materials are removed within controlled respiratory zones by trained and competent asbestos removal personnel, wearing the correct RPE/PPE, using the correct wetting and removal methods and overseen by a Site Supervisor and nominated independent analyst.

All our projects are fully managed and we have unannounced in-house and external audits carried out on a regular basis.